10 Things To Do In Ericeira

10 Things To Do In Ericeira - A Stunning Town - Ericeira used to be an undiscovered gem but the secret is out. Discover Ericeira Today

10 Things To Do In Ericeira, a stunning town.

Ericeira used to be an undiscovered gem but the secret is out and the town is the number one destination for surfers, back packers and general tourists alike.

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1, Beaches

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Ericeira is all about the beaches, with a whopping 40 beaches to choose from in the area. The main town beach is Praia dos Pescadores, the beach of the fishermen lives up to its name. The space is shared by locals, holiday makers and the local fishermen working on their fishing boats. The beach has beach beds, bars during the peak season and the breakwater creates a calmer water perfect for bathing. Lets continue with our list of 10 things to do in Ericeira.

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2, Surfing

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Ericeira boasts one of the best beaches in Portugal for surfing. Ribeira d’Ilhas beach is the host annually of the ASP World Tour Surf Championship and in 2011 Ericeira was named one of the World Surfing Reserves, joining Malibu (Hawaii), Santa Cruz (California), Manly Beach (Australia) and Huanchaco (Peru).  These beaches are now protected from the threat of development. There are countless surf schools in the area where you can learn to ride the waves or if you are an experienced surfer jump in a get surfing!

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3, Skating

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Try out the free skate park at the Boardriders Quiksilver shop in Ericeira, the headquarter of Quicksilver in Portugal. Do not worry if you are not much of a skater, you can hang out at the lounge-bar, gym and a grab a Poké Bowl at the bar.

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4, Trekking

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Along the coast are great trekking trails literally on the edge of the cliffs. Grab your trekking shoes and walk along the cliffs in beautiful Portuguese nature and find a secluded spot to enjoy the unique sunset.

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5, Paddle Board

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Just outside the town of Ericeira you find Foz do Lizandro Beach. The Lizandro river flows from the mountains onto the beach. Paddle boarders easily start on the beach and head up stream to explore the farm land. 

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6, People Watching

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Number 6 on our 10 Things To Do In Ericeira is People Watching. Life in Ericeira is laid back, chilled and stress free. Grab a coffee in the main square and spend a lazy afternoon watching the world go by. Alternatively sit at the seafront to feel zen from the peaceful vibes of the ocean. Ericeira is full of eclectic and interesting people.

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7, Explore the Quaint Town

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The town of Ericeira is full of character and charm. A day spent walking the village is a day well spent. The architecture is typical Portuguese, with white washed building and with yellow/blue highlights. Get lost in the winding streets and discover cute cafes and restaurants.

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8, Party

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At night Ericeira comes alive. After 10pm the bars start to become more livelier and the party commences. The best bars in town are Adega, Tubo & Tiki Bar and Boardriders. After the bars close the revellers head to the oldest nightclub in Portugal, Ouriço. It has been open for a whooping 50 years, if walls could talk the stories that nightclub could tell!


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9, Eat Well

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Ericeira is full of wonderful, tasty and affordable restaurant’s. They range from sea food to Mexican, however it does Ericeira an injustice not to enjoy the amazing sea food on offer. Try the local specialities of  Gambas (prawns) or octopus. Spoil yourself at renowned restaurants such as Restaurant Esplanada Furnas or Restaurante Golfinho Azul, you will not be disappointed.

We are nearly at the end of our list of 10 things to do in Ericeira. 

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10, Sunset

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The sunset in Ericeira is one of the best in the whole world, we are not remotely biased. Marvel at the orange sky reflects on the Atlantic ocean, bringing a sense of inner peace, gratitude and awe. There is not a spot in the town where the glitter and golden rays of the sunset doesn’t reach. Whether you are watching the sunset from the beach or in the town, you will appreciate the tranquillity that descends over the town.

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Thanks for reading 10 Things To Do In Ericeira. 

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