Lisbon Powerboat Hire Cruises are speedy, elegant and swanky.

Activities In Lisbon

Lisbon Powerboat Hire are fast, exciting and versatile way of seeing the Lisbon coastline. Powerboats are comfortable and are just getting started at 6 knots as apposed to yachts with a top speed of 6 knots. Feel the wind in your hair and jump in, turn the key, rev the motor and off you go.

You can leave anytime, go any direction in a straight line and know almost exactly when you’ll arrive, a power boat is a Harley Davidson on water. Make your holiday dream come true. Visit Lisbon and speed over the Tagus River with the beautiful set of Lisbon colours and enjoy all the comfort aboard the power boat, but hold on tight! Lisbon Powerboat Hire Cruises leave from numerous marinas in and around central Lisbon. The duration of the trips range from 2 hours to full day charters. What are you waiting for?

Book your chic and stylish Power Boat Hire in Lisbon now.

The river Tagus runs through Lisbon and is the longest river in the Iberian Peninsula. A whooping 1007 km, the river runs all the way past Madrid but we think the best section is with us in Lisbon.

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