Sit back relax and enjoy the drive with a Lisbon Driving Sightseeing Tour

Lisbon is a great place to explore by road. There is an beautiful Lisbon landmark around every corner or a secret historical street of Alfama. Let an expert driver show you around, and you’re sure to enjoy it all the more or choose to drive yourself.

Eco Cars in Lisbon
Lisbon eco cars are a new addition to the streets of Lisbon, these electric cars can manoeuvre around the higgledy-piggledy streets of Alfama and also the main boulevards along the river. They can drive you to nearly all of the main tourists attractions in Lisbon within a day.

Tuk Tuk Lisbon
Let an experience Tuk Tuk driver show you the tourists attractions in Lisbon, sit back and enjoy the view. No need to worry about getting lost, these experienced drivers are usually Lisbon born and bred.

Lisbon Segway
Segway is a fun and unique way to drive around Lisbon.

Car and Jeep Tours
Cars and jeeps will allow you to visit the city of Lisbon and greater Lisbon, experience the amazing beaches and countryside throughout Greater Lisbon.