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Feel The Need For Speed. Lisbon Speed and Extreme Driving

Activities In Lisbon

Lisbon Speed and Extreme Driving

Lisbon Go Karting

Lisbon Go-Karting involves driving open-wheeled vehicles around a track circuit. It is a first step into motor racing or fantastic just for fun. With just two pedals the Go Cars are easy to drive and control. Go-Karts have a low centre of gravity (due to being so close to the ground), which makes then a safe option are they are more likely to spin than flip. Different Go Karts can reach different speeds, for example a 100 cc kart has a top speed of around 140 km per hour and a 125 cc kart can reach around 185 km per hour. Usually go karting involves racing against others which make them ideal for corporate events, Stag parties or birthday parties.

Quad Bikes Lisbon

A quad bike or an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) is a vehicle on four wheels. The can pretty much go anywhere which makes then fun and adventurous, they are easy to drive so you will be feeling the wind in your hair very quickly. Quad biking is a great low-cost experience that is as popular with groups as it is with individuals. The Portuguese countryside is a wonderful place to experience Quad biking with stunning scenery and a varied terrain of hills, small rivers and open countryside.

Perfect for families and groups.

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Why you should visit Lisbon

1. The views are breathtaking and the makes the hills worth it. 
2. It has beautiful beaches and perfect for watersports.
3. The city is cool, charming, fun and good for your wallet.
4. Lisbon is wellness. The city is beautiful and guaranteed to destress as soon as you leave the plane.
5. It’s a safe city.
6. Lisbon is cool. From the architecture to the roottop bars Lisbon is a stunning city that will leave you breathless.