Ginjinha Bar Lisbon

Ginginha Bars

25th January 2017
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What is ginginha bar?

 Ginjinha Bar

A Ginginha bar is a typical Portuguese bar selling Ginja shots, a sweet cherry liqueur that was created in Lisbon. A Ginginha bar allows tourists and locals to sample a shot of this strong but very sweet liquor.

Ginja is a fortified wine that has been infused with Ginja cherries and lots of sugar.

Ginjinha Bar

The 1st shop to sell Ginja was   “Ginjinha do Largo de Sao Domingo’s” it was was owned by a Galician named Espinheira .  Espinheria experimented by letting cherries ferment in brandy and then adding sugar, water and cinnamon. In 1840 he opened the shop and the drink has been extremely popular with the Portuguese ever since. They even used to give the drink to children to cure many  illnesses.

You will find many small and traditional ginginha bars throughout central Lisbon.

Stop for drink a shot will only cost around 1.40 euros.

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