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An Irish in Lisbon

No matter where you are in the world, you can find a bar with dark wood paneling and some form of Guinness on tap. And so is the case for Lisbon too. If you are looking for traditional Irish pub while on your weekend in Lisbon, make sure to check the following out.

O’Gilins was established in 1995, making it the oldest Irish pub in Lisbon. Many years on and they are still going strong. The pub is a mixture of new and old with friendly and fun international staff. The live music has played a great part of the pub, which you can still enjoy 4 days a week.

Hennessy’s Irish Pub was established in an old taylor’s shop located at the riverside of downtown Lisbon. This pub has a mix of old and new woodwork all in accordance with the traditional look of Irish public houses. At Hennessy’s you may now enjoy also gourmet food and watch international sports events on their big screen. The chef here produces tasty and healthy food made from fresh local ingredients.

The Corner  is the newby amongst the Irish bars in Lisbon. It has great staff, friendly atmosphere and lots of fun is what characterizes this pub.


Drinking beer is always a great Lisbon Weekend activity! Sláinte!


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