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I bet that crow is called Vincent!

Reportedly, In 1173 Crows have represented Lisbon after they escorted the body of Saint Vincent to Lisbon, where he would be buried. Traditionally you would see crows around the Castle in São Jorge and down by the Chruch Sé.
Also the cities coal merchant would keep a pet crow and normally named them …. you guessed it Vincent.

A fine Copy

The Castelo de São Jorge (St Georges Castle) is not the original medieval fortress that many tourists visit today. It is actually a replica built in the 1940s. Did you spot the copy?

Lisbon was the first city to import Guinness

In 1811  Lisbon bought Guinness out of the United Kingdom, records show from the yearly  show.

That’s alot of people

During 2016 the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos monument has finally been visited by 1 million tourists. The actual 1 millionth visitor was Aurore Albert and her boyfriend, Misha Senelle, from Marseille. The event was marked by a bell and  by energetic applause to signal the occasion, unsurprisingly taking the couple by surprise, the event was captured by Portuguese news and television programmes.

Lisbon was the epicentre for Spies 

During the second world war, the richest refugees of Europe created a small community around the Casino town of Estoril. The refugees spent their time dancing, dining and gambling where the stakes were HIGH! The spies in the western world gained knowledge and information during these events, even 007 writed Ian Fleming spent time in Estoril for the British Naval Intelligence.

Don’t feed the pigeons!

Feeding pigeons in the city of Lisbon was made illigal under the solid waste regulations.

If they told you they would have to kill you

Only 5 people in Lisbon know the secret receipe for the famous Pastel de Belém and the will not tell. The 5 have memorised the recipe and the protect the secret they never travel in the same plane, take the same car or order the same dish at any restaurant.

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