Pastéis de bacalhau lisbon

Pasteis De Bacalhau

26th January 2017
Where to Eat In Lisbon

Pasteis De Bacalhau

What is Pasteis De Bacalhau?

Pastéis de bacalhau lisbon

Pasteis De Bacalhau is a a speciality of the Portuguese gastronomy. They are savoury small cod fish balls sold all over Portugal.

The very first person to write down a recipe for a Pasteis De Bacalhau was by Carlos Bandeira de Melo in 1904. In his cookbook called the Kitchen and Cup Treaty he wrote the following

Homemade cod dumplings.
“(…) Take the cod cooked, cleaned of skins and pimples, mixed with boiled potatoes and plenty of parsley cut into pieces, and everything is passed through the chopping machine. The resulting potato is combined with milk and egg yolks and seasoned with a little fine salt and peppercorns. Beat the dough, to which the egg whites are added, previously beaten in a castle, bind everything quickly, the dough is removed to the spoons, which tend, passing from one to another, (the spoons Dip in the boiling oil in which the cakes will be fried), and then and successively, it frigir. The olive oil should be plentiful so that the cakes dive into it without touching the bottom. They remove the oil with a sifted spoon and begin to drip. (…) “

You can find Pasteis De Bacalhau in nearly every cafe in Portugal. They are a great tasty on the go snack or alongside a main meal.

On Rua Augusta in Baixa, Lisboa you will find a small shop selling only Pasteis De Bacalhau . These Pasteis De Bacalhau are slightly larger and more expensive than the normal option, they are also stuffed with award winning cheese from Serra De Estrella lcoated in the north of Portugal. You can watch the Pasteis De Bacalhau being made in front of your eyes, definitely worth a visit on your trip to Lisbon. Pastéis de bacalhau lisbon

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