10 Places To Paddle Board Portugal

10 places to paddle board portugal

10 Places To Paddle Board Portugal.

The weather in Portugal is sublime for the majority of the year, and is ideal for Paddle Boarding. Below is our list of the top 10 lagoons or rivers in Portugal to paddle board.

1, Cávado River

District: Gerês

10 places to paddle board portugal

Located in the North of Portugal the Cávado River reservoir is located in the national park of Peneda Gerês. Areas of the reservoir can be quite busy with motor boats and jet skis however there is a bay area where they are banned from entering. The water is calm and warm and without currents. Explore the calm area  in the middle of nature, away from the tourist hustle and bustle. Paddle by beaches only accessible by water, where motor boats are barred. Then explore waterfalls within a short walk from the private beach. 

2, Lagoa De Aveiro

District: Aveiro

10 places to paddle board portugal

The Ria de Aveiro: (Avero River ) and Aveiro Lagoon is ideal for novice or experienced paddle boarders. The water is flat and doesn’t see a lot of traffic, in terms of boats or other water sports users. You will see a lot of birds as the precious natural reserve attracts many species including pink Flamingos.

Next on our list of 10 Places To Paddle Board Portugal is number 3.

3, Foz do Arelho

District: Caldas da Rainha

10 places to paddle board portugal

Foz do Arelho and the Obidos lagoon is simply stunning. The tidal saltwater lagoon is crystal clear, calm and super clean. Paddle boarding is very calm, easy and nice way to spend a couple of hours. Parts of the lagoon range from deep to very shallow. With about 5 inches deep and then drop right down into a deep pool of luscious turquoise water. The lagoon is ideal for novice paddle boarders.

4, Foz do Lizandro

District: Mafra

10 places to paddle board portugal2

Ericeira may be famous for surfing but it is also possible to paddle board at Foz do Lizandro beach. Foz do Lizandro Beach is located 2.5km from the centre of Ericeira. Starting from the beach paddle along the very flat river water in a quiet and very relaxing environment. The river meanders all the way to Mafra train station but we advise only going as far as Carvoeira.

5, Lagoa de Albufeira

District: Sesimbra

10 places to paddle board portugal

Lagoa de Albufeira is only 40 minutes by car from central Lisbon. It is the best spot to Paddle Board in Lisbon. The lagoon is fed by the fresh water of the Apostiça, Ferraria and Aiana streams, and by the salt water of the Atlantic Ocean, it is actually made up of 3 lagoons with a maximum depth of 15 meters, the deepest lagoon in Portugal. The lagoon is shared with families enjoying the golden sands, kite surfers and windsurfers. The lagoon can get a little windy at certain times of the year, making the surface a little bumpy but during the summer months the water is calm and easy to navigate.

6, Lagoa de Melidas

District: Grândola

10 places to paddle board portugal

Lagoa de Melides and Lagoas de Santo André e Sancha are located about 15 minutes away from each other. Both spots are perfect for paddle boarding and enjoying the delights of mother nature. Lagoa de Melides is around 26 hectares and pottered with small islands. The lagoon is habitat for several animal species such as fish like mullet and birds such as snowy egret, great egret, red herons, black kites and European golden plover. In Lagoas de Santo André there are a record of 241 species of animal including birds, fish and if you are lucky you can even spot dolphins on the coastal strip.

7, Vila Nova de Milfontes

District: Beja

10 places to paddle board portugal

Vila Nova de Milfontes is located in the region of Alentejo. The large estuary is connected by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mira River, located within the Nature Park of the Southwest Alentejo and Vicentine Coast. The water of the lagoon is crystal clear and surrounded by lush beautiful greenery in the surrounding landscape. The water is calm and clean, perfect for paddle boarding or swimming, so no worries if you fall in!

Time to move on on our list of 10 Places To Paddle Board Portugal.

8, Lagos Grottos

District: Lagos

10 places to paddle board portugal

Ponta da Piedade caves or the Lagos grottos are located in Lagos. They are the  most popular and unforgettable attractions on the Algarve coast. The Ponta da Piedade, which translates to Piety Point. The headland has yellow-golden cliffs up to 20 meters high. The scenery is unique and beautiful. Some locals event thing the rock formations resemble the Titanic, the Elephant, the Cathedral, and more. The sea water is calm and refreshing and only on a paddle board can you get up close and personal with the distinctive and quirky formations.

9, Lagoa De Alvor

District: Lagos

10 places to paddle board portugal

Lagoa in Alvor and the Ria de Alvor estuary is a well-preserved landscape of unparalleled beauty. The lagoon is ideal for for novice paddleboarders and it is easy to get to grips with and accessible. Paddle up stream towards the jetty that flanks the entrance from the ocean to the Ria de Alvor. Here you can watch the beautiful sunset. From the pier you can see the beaches of Alvor and on the other side Meia Praia, Within the lagoon when the tide is low you can even “catch” cockles, razor clams and octopus, if you know what you are doing obviously!

10, Ilha de Cabanas

District: Tavira

10 places to paddle board portugal

The last on our list of places to Paddle Board Portugal is the Ilha de Cabanas is just east of Tavira, it is a narrow strip of sand separated by Ria Formosa and the seafront. Paddle to a beautiful islands with turquoise blue and translucid sea water, just like the Caribbean. Alternatively travel along the Ria Formosa watching mother nature at her best. The scenery is so peaceful,  beautiful and paddle boarding is a great way to see the river. Ria Formosa in Tavira is a stunning paradise.

Thanks for reading 10 Places To Paddle Board Portugal.

Where is your favourite Places To Paddle Board Portugal?

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Place To Paddle Board Portugal

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