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6 Craft Beer Bars Lisbon

6 Craft Beer Bars Lisbon

Activities In Portugal’s 6 Craft Beer Bars Lisbon. Are you a beer lover? Well it is definitely a good time to be one. Beer is cool and craft beer is even cooler. In recent years in Lisbon more and ...


10 Places To Paddle Board Portugal

The weather in Portugal is sublime for the majority of the year, and is ideal for Paddle ...
Where to Visit in Lisbon

10 Lisbon Fun Facts

Activities In Portugal’s 10 Lisbon Fun Facts. Impress your mates and maybe some locals ...
Where To Visit In Aveiro

6 Things To Do In Aveiro

Aveiro is 40 minutes south of Porto and is the most colourful district in Portugal.
Where To Visit In Ericeira 10 Things To Do In Ericeira

10 Things To Do In Ericeira

10 Things To Do In Ericeira - A Stunning Town - Ericeira used to be an undiscovered gem but the secret is out. Discover Ericeira Today

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