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You are one step close to the best beach in Europe!

12th October 2017


…… Praia de Galapinhos …….

This beach is located in the Arrabida Natural Park, which, lucky for you, is only a 40 min drive from Lisbon. It was voted as the best European Beach in 2017 by travelers from all over the world.

Reasons? A perfect beach in an unspoiled nature. The natural environment here has been protected since 1976.

While you are spending your holiday in Lisbon or celebrating your birthday in Lisbon make sure to visit these beaches.

You will find beach weather from May to October. The ocean is almost always freezing, but it is a great refreshment during the hot days.

If you have some spare time, make sure to drive to Setubal (a city nearby) and have lunch there. We strongly suggested you try the local specialty – choco frito – fried cuttle fish. It goes perfectly with the local beers, the Portuguese version of fish and chips.

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