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New Year, New Adventures

Portugal Welcomes You Back In 2021



2021 Bookings

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Catamaran Cruise Vilamoura – Up To 60 Guests 

Experience the pleasures of sailing in our stable and comfortable catamaran.

We can show you the beauty of the Algarve coast, with its extensive beaches, rock formations, caves and old Fishing villages.

The Catamaran is 15 meters long and 8 meters width, with space to sit, both outdoors and in the inside our covered bar where drinks and snacks are served.

VITAL Catamaran is equipped with safety equipment and modern and sophisticated communication, it has 2 motors and a friendly crew.

Capacity is 60 passengers.


Supplier Ref: 1385

Available Cruises

Starting from Marina of Vilamoura, west along the coast passing by the Beach Oura, Albufeira, some caves and rock formations to the Beach of Galé. With good sea conditions there is a visit to the caves. During summer is possible to dive..

2 Hrs Sunset Cruise

2 Hrs Cruise Drink Option

Open Bar Simple – Includes beer, wine, soda, water and dry snacks


3 Hrs Cruise

3 Hrs Drink Option

Open Bar Simple – Includes beer, wine, soda, water and dry snacks

4 Hrs Cruise

4 Hrs Drink Option

Open Bar Simple – Includes beer, wine, soda, water and dry snacks


Basic BBQ Lunch

Barbecue type lunch on Standard Beach

Includes breads and fresh grilled fish, salad, fruit, wine, juice and water

Intermediate BBQ Lunch

Barbecue Lunch at Variety Beach

Turkey satay, fresh sausages, fries, fresh grilled fish, salad Algarve, pasta salad, bread, fruit, wine, juice and water

Luxury BBQ Lunch

Barbecue Lunch on the Exquisite Beach

Entrance of roasted chorizo with bread, turkey kebabs, entrecote, chops Lamb, 2 types of grilled fresh fish, algarvian salad, pasta salad, salad Grain, bread, fruit, wine, juice and water

Buffet Lunch

Buffet Lunch on board

Includes roasted pork tenderloin, grilled chicken, shrimp, salgadinhos, Cheeses, variety of salads, bread, fruit, wines, beer, soft drinks and waters during the meal.

Light Lunch

Light Lunch on board

Mini-sandwiches, grilled chicken, fries, a salad, bread, fruit, wine, beer, Juice and water


Sandwich Lunch

A sandwich, fruit, chips, chocolate, juice, water


We reserve the right to cancel the services if any passenger refuses to follow the skippers instructions or in case of inappropriate behaviour that might put himself or other passengers at risk. We can not be held responsible for the actions of passengers that might result in personal or third party injury on board as a result of inappropriate behaviour or disrespect for the skippers instructions.

Children Onboard

Children of all ages are welcome. They are requested to use a life jacket at all times if they are under 5 years old.



Marina Map

How to Book?

Online booking available

Check your requested date on our online calendar

Select the number of guests required

Pay using our online checkout service

Your payment is not taken until Activities In Portugal have confirmed your activity by email

Cancellations are subject to our cancellation terms, please view them here


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