Hire a Lisbon Football Pitch. 

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Lisbon Football Pitch Hire

Let us connect you with the best football pitches all over Lisbon for 5 to 11 a side football. Hire football pitches quickly and with ease!

The football pitches are located at numerous venues around Lisbon with facilities such as the floodlights, changing rooms and parking. The Portuguese are mad about football, join them in a football match.

We offer 5 a-side football, 7 a-side and 9 a-side, indoor and outdoor with natural turf pitches and artificial turf pitches. Bring your football shoes and your mad football skills and get playing.

Book Lisbon Football Pitch Hire Above.

Why you should visit Lisbon

1. The views are breathtaking and the makes the hills worth it. 
2. It has beautiful beaches, perfect for watersports and you can even play football on the beach but it’s harder than it looks. 
3. The city is cool, charming, fun and good for your wallet.
4. Lisbon is wellness. The city is beautiful and guaranteed to destress as soon as you leave the plane.
5. It’s a safe city.
6. Lisbon is cool. From the architecture to the roottop bars Lisbon is a stunning city that will leave you breathless.