Price Per Person Minimum Group Of 10 Guests


Price Per Person Minimum Group of 10 Guests


Price Per Person Minimum Group Of 10 Guests

Lisbon Paintball and Laser Tag Offers An Exciting & Adrenaline Filled Day.

Activities In Lisbon

Lisbon Paintball and laser tag

What is Paintball?
Lisbon Paintball is a game that began in the 1980. Players shoot at each other with dye-filled, breakable, oil and gelatin paintballs, or pellets, these are shot from a carbon dioxide or compressed air (Nitrogen) powered guns.

Games can be played on indoor or outdoor fields. The field is scattered with objects that the players can use for tactical cover, normally the aim of the game is to capture the flag or shoot every one of your competitors.

What is Lasertag?

Similar to paintball lasertag is a shoot em up game but with lasers. It is much less painfull than paintball, ideal for kids. It can also be played indoor and out.

Lisbon Paintball offers many different paintball and lasertag locations, choose your options above.

Why you should visit Lisbon

1. The views are breathtaking and the makes the hills worth it. 
2. It has beautiful beaches and perfect for all kinds of beach sports, like volleyball, football and bat and ball.
3. The city is cool, charming, fun and good for your wallet.
4. Lisbon is wellness. The city is beautiful and guaranteed to destress as soon as you leave the plane.
5. It’s a safe city.
6. Lisbon is cool. From the architecture to the roottop bars Lisbon is a stunning city that will leave you breathless.