6 Things To Do In Aveiro

Things To Do In Aveiro

Activities In Portugal’s 6 Things To Do In Aveiro.

Aveiro is 40 minutes south of Porto and is the most colourful district in Portugal. Built on numerous canals Aveiro is known as the Venice of Portugal. The city was built around salt production and you can still visit the salt ponds that remain.

Below are 6 Things To Do In Aveiro when you visit this pretty city.

1, Costa Nova

Things To Do In Aveiro

Costa Nova is the prettiest seaside village in the whole of Portugal. The area is famous for its colourful facades of the seaside house. In past local fishermen built haystacks, storages and shelters with horizontal outside planks that were painted in bright welcoming colours of the sea. Over the years the spaces were converted into housing and todays cute village was formed. The area is now a hotspot with tourists takings pictures outside the colourful architecture.

2, Gondola Trip

Things To Do In Aveiro

Aveiro is known as the Venice of Portugal and a “Moliceiro” (gondola) trip is a must when visiting the city. The boats were once used for harvesting seaweed (moliço) and transporting items from the salt ponds, but now they mainly transport tourists. As with most things in Aveiro the boats are bright, colourful and usually decorated with paintings that make fun of everyday situations. There are numerous companies offering trips for around 13 euros per person. 

3, Bike Ride

Things To Do In Aveiro

Number 3 on our list of 6 things to do in Aveiro is biking. Aveiro is flat as a pancake which is unusual, as most cities in Portugal are situated on numerous hills. Take advantage of the flat landscape and explore the area the ecological way, by bike. Aveiro and the neighbouring boroughs have installed wonderful bike lanes making it easy to explore around 393 cycle routes. You can even borrow a BUGA, a Free To Use Bike in Aveiro.

4, Flamingos

Things To Do In Aveiro

Even the birds are colourful in Aveiro. As you already know Aveiro was famous for salt pans, not only did these attract humans but they also attracted hundreds of bird species including the pink flamingo. Autumn mornings and late afternoons are ideal for watching migratory birds, especially the flamingos. Ria de Aveiro is full of the wonderful colourful birds.

5, Agueda

Things To Do In Aveiro

Águeda is known as the city of umbrellas. The Umbrella Sky Project originated in 2012 and is an living installation art show. During the summer months Rua Luís de Camões is covered in a sky of umbrellas. The beautiful and colourful umbrellas bring shade during the summer months and also create a unique, stunning and viral images. The idea is culturally inclusive, inspiring human connection through the universal power of colour! The simple creative idea has now spread to multiple other cities throughout the world but it was done in the Aveiro district first!

6, Ovos Moles De Aveiro

Things To Do In Aveiro

Ovos Moles De Aveiro are a local sweet and delicacy made of egg yolks and sugar. The history of the sweet comes from nuns who lived at various convents around the area. According to legend the nuns used egg whites to clean their habits, leaving them with a surplus of egg yokes, which they used to make the pastries in order not to waste them. They then sold them to the locals to raise money for their religious communities. You too can try the delicious sweets, there are numerous shops and cafes around Aveiro selling the delicacy. 

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6 Things To Do In Aveiro

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