Ride The Waves In Radical Style.

Activities In Lisbon

You do not need to be able to surf to enjoy the waves.

Grab a body board and ride those waves quickly and easily. Body boarders are able to perform more radical manoeuvres than surfers and can catch more waves.

The words Surf and Lisbon go hand in hand, you cannot visit Lisbon without booking a surfing lessons Lisbon

The city was made for surfing. The coastline boasts numerous surfing beaches with swells suitable for beginners or the experience surfers.

Carcavelos Beach is the “urban” beach.

Located on the train line from Cais Do Sodre to Cascais. Carcavelos can be reached by public transport from Lisbon within 45 minutes. The swell is perfect for beginner surfers from Autumn to Spring but during the summer months the waves can be non existent.

Costa de Caparica

Caparica has 30kms of surf breaks ideal for surfing lessons in Lisbon.
Within this area you will find suitable swells for all surfing levels, from beginners to experienced surfers all year round. Costa de Caparica has uncrowded beaches and empty waves. The area has a beautiful landscape with funky beach bars dotted along the coastline, after your surf lesson stop off for beer.

Guincho a watersports paradise.

Guincho is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches around Lisbon. This beach boasts massive waves, suitable for the more experienced surfers. Guincho hosts lots of national and international surfing competitions all year round.

Why should I learn to surf in Lisbon?

Lisbon surfing lessons will make you happier and healthier.
The Sun is good as long as you use protection but if you cover up. Chances are you’ll be happier, more tanned and better looking than you used to be lol. As well as looking healthy you will be extremely fit. Your body will reap the benefits from this active sport and you could lose up to 250 calories per hour.

Riding a wave is a an experience like no other and being in the oceans has a positive impact on human health. Surfing makes you feel alive and you will never forget your first wave.

You will become more environmentally aware. Surfing lessons in Lisbon allows you to understand the ocean and the weather. To understand the perfect wave you need to know the time of the sunrise, sunset, high tide or low tide. All of those variables are rooted in the natural world.

Surfing improves your physical and mental health, all in a fun and relaxed environment.

Why you should visit Lisbon

1. The views are breathtaking and the makes the hills worth it. 
2. It has beautiful beaches and perfect for watersports.
3. The city is cool, charming, fun and good for your wallet.
4. Lisbon is wellness. The city is beautiful and guaranteed to destress as soon as you leave the plane.
5. It’s a safe city.
6. Lisbon is cool. From the architecture to the roottop bars Lisbon is a stunning city that will leave you breathless.