What to do in Lisbon on a rainy day

Lisbon On A Rainy Day

Luckily these are relatively rare but it doesn’t mean it never rains in Portugal.
If you would be unfortunate enough to come during the rain you can still make your visit amazing, here is a few suggestions how. Below find out what to do in Lisbon on a rainy day.

The Oceanário de Lisboa

This amazing aquarium features both an ongoing and a temporary exhibition, currently being the Forests Underwater.
This will defenitly be a hit with the little ones but also the adults will enjoy this beautiful underwater world.

The Timeout Market

For the foodies, here you can find food from most parts of the world, all under one roof.
The building it self is worth a walk through even if you just came from a meal, the atmosphere is buzzing and it has become a bit of a landmark in Lisbon.
Make sure to check it out

Escape room

Now existing in most bigger city’s in the world but all with a different twist this is a perfect way to keep yourself and your group occupied whiles waiting the rain out.
Can you find all the clues and escape in time?

What to do in Lisbon on a rainy day?

The LXfactory

This is both an outdoor and indoor area but with so many things to see inside such as the massive library with the original fabric press still in or any of the many quirky bars and shops you can definitely kill a few hours whiles hoping the rain will settle, and if you do venture outside, make sure to have a look at all the amazing art displayed throughout the venue

Bounce trampoline park

For those who have a lot of energy to dispose, here is for you.
This massive warehouse has been turned to any bouncers dream, with a wide range of activities such as basketball hoops to slam dunk and bouncy football I can ensure you that both kids and adults will jump of joy.

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